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TTAF Group, with its 4 companies and 200 employees, serves its customers with superior technology, high brand quality and a dynamic human resource.

TTAF Group, which works to create the standards of a better life by taking the lead of technological discoveries that shape modern life, was established in Istanbul in 2003. He continues to work with the aim of becoming a global technology player in the fields he works in. It operates in six main sectors: Consumer, Fiber Optic, Lighting, Medical, Design and Energy Technologies. With its 4 companies and 200 employees, the Group serves its customers with superior technology, high brand quality and a dynamic human resource.

We Create Added Value Since 2003

Behind the success of TTAF Group is a customer-oriented and productivity-centered management approach. As a result of this approach, the Group represents Turkey all over the world with its collaborations with reputable brands around the world. While carrying out social responsibility activities in all of our projects, it aims to leave a mark in people's lives and make daily life better. The Group's social responsibility projects are managed with the aim of contributing to the society's creation of a constantly moving and developing future.

TTAF Group, which is among the pioneers of change in Turkey, makes the best use of its wide service, information and cooperation network in achieving its goals. With the vision of being a global player that sets standards and advances by discovery, TTAF Group will continue its cooperation and investments, which it believes will be beneficial to the country's economy, in the coming years.


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